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About us

Dear Customer..

 Uniche Home believes that homes should be a part of the occupants’ souls and look like them, so we have decided to offer a whole new yet unique experience to all of our customers, starting with providing a wide range of high-quality distinctive choices, then we have crowned this experience with real competitive prices that would be affordable and reasonable for all of our customers.

The shopping experience with Uniche Home will definitely offer you adequate comfort to review all of the available options related to the furniture, home decor, or whatever you would need for your home, then you will freely compare to make your decision about the new piece you are going to add to your space. Furthermore, you don’t have to leave your couch to do so! You just need to visit our website, make your choice, and get it to your doorstep.

The highest quality, reasonable prices, and quick shipping are the main three pillars and values that we made sure we built Uniche Home over it, you will be enjoying browsing on our user-friendly updated website to find multi-choices with reasonable prices and to avoid any kind of hassle you may experience while shopping the old way, all of our products will be delivered to you the fastest we can to make sure you are happy to have it in your place and will be happier to be a part of your own world.