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Return Policy

What is Uniche home's return policy?
Each product has its own return policy according to the type and nature of the product and the policy of the supplier providing the product. Please view and read it when ordering any product.

What is the time period during which products can be returned?
You can request to return any product within a maximum of 14 days.

What are the cases in which it is approved to return the product?
It is approved to return the products in the event that they do not conform to the specifications mentioned on the site in terms of color, shape or size, or in the event of dissatisfaction with the quality of the product, or if it was received broken or defective, or the product stopped working after receipt, or if there were any missing accessories.

Can I exchange one product for another?
With regard to each of the following: (mirrors - products for wooden, metal and glass furniture - tableaux), the Uniche home platform does not support the exchange service, as these products are implemented specifically for you upon request.
As for each of: (lighting units - electrical appliances - toys and children's supplies), one product can be exchanged for another or permanently returned if it meets the following conditions:
- The product is required to be kept in its original condition with the brand's outer box, user manual, warranty cards, CDs, if any, and original accessories in the manufacturer's packaging.
- The product is returned to the company's charging station (warehouse) to comply with the terms of the return and exchange policy.
- The customer shall bear the shipping costs of sending a representative to receive the product to be replaced or returned.

- If there is any defect or any damage in the product, our company is responsible for paying the shipping fees.

What is the method of refunding the amount paid if the product is approved to be returned?
The refund is made by the same method of payment in the case of payment through bank cards, but in the case of payment upon receipt, the amount is transferred to the bank account, electronic wallet, or through the mail.

What is the time period for the refund process to the customer?
Refunds are made within 10-14 business days.